Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i'm still at work

Notify Guinness. I shall be listed under marathon computer dorkery.

I'm assuming this is some sort of new world record, right? Almost 11 hours at work. Lunch at my desk - minus 1 hour for workout. NO? But it's really close, yes? If I can hang in for another 10, 15 minutes I've got it?

I blog because they're cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is tiny - one stall, one urinal. I mean, how long could it take? What are the chances I would go down during the exact moment it was being cleaned? It'd say slim. There are other bathrooms of course, but one things stands in my way of traveling to them. Stairs. 'Nuff said.

To pass the time I'm about to go nuts on the community bag of popcorn. Yah, somebody brought in one of those theater sized bags of the kernel and I am about to have my way with it. (Yes, it's totally a sexy thing with me and popcorn.) I no longer question why people bring in the foodstuffs that they do. It's not for me to know. I accept that. Ok, back to work.

Man, I really have to pee.



Blogger Joe said...

You're about to have your way with it? Remind me never to follow you on the popcorn line.

6:43 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I had to read the first sentence twice because I didn't know why a brewery would care about marathon computer dorkery.

2:08 PM


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