Wednesday, December 13, 2006

merry freaking christmas

A co-worker of mine gave everyone in our group a box of Nestle's Mint Holiday Gems. They are "Mint Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Red and Green Nonpareils" (sprinkle dealies to you and me).

This selfless expression of holiday cheer should only please me. Except, I hate mint. And what's the deal with screwing me on the sweetness coefficient? I have few uses for mint. Mint can be used for a decongestant, the occasional mint gum chewing or for scrubbing floors, but for eating wholesale? As part of otherwise, perfectly good chocolate? Spare me. I know I'm pretty much alone on this one, but so be it. How do you people keep from eating your toothpaste?

That is all I have to say on behalf of mint, in any form. Now I must destroy the box of confections.


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