Tuesday, May 31, 2005


guy1: She does suffers from hot girl syndrome.
guy2: Hot girl syndrome?
guy1: Yah, you know, HGS? When I go to the bar with her, about a thousand guys offer to buy her drinks and try to talk to her and get her number. Kind of frustrating.
guy2: I guess, but it's better than fugly girl syndrome.
guy1: People screaming in terror, clamoring for the exits.
guy2: Either way it's going to be distracting.

[The initial guy1 statement was taken from a real-life conversation. That makes it seem way funny, huh? Not really but I couldn't take credit for coining the name of such a devastating disease.]


Blogger Joe said...

I like the way you're putting together this script snippet by snippet. Outstanding...

To add to this, I've seen examples of Office-Hottie Syndrome (OHS). That's when a woman is the most attractive one in the office, knows that she holds that distinction, and acts on it in spite of the fact that she would be considered average or slightly worse than average anywhere outside of the office.

2:29 PM

Blogger roger said...

i could put them all together, unedited and call it ADD Theater: 100 30-second Plots. You just got yourself some free tickets.

8:34 PM

Anonymous Dana said...

The ex had a pretty good view on that.

Being the hottt bartender that I am *cough**cough* it is a fairly frequent occasion that "dudes" will want to buy me shots/drinks.

His philosophy - "What do I care that they want to get you drunk? I'm the one that gets to have all the fun with it."

True. True.

11:29 PM

Blogger roger said...

Or you can surround yourself with really heavy people or considerably less attractive people whether it be in looks, attitude or otherwise. That's why I always hang out with my Elephant Man friend. I am so gold when I hit the clubs with that guy.

5:52 PM


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