Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Look-Alike Contest Winners

This one is cross-generational (don't tell Woody), but I was watching the new Weezer video and was thoroughly disturbed.

Hey Rivers, not sure 70-year-old pedophile is a good look for you (or anyone for that matter). It might be time for a haircut and a new pair of specs.



Blogger Joe said...

On the other hand, he could have gone with the Paul Reubens look. Imagine what would have happened then.

Besides, he's a musician. I'm pretty sure looks are optional.

11:21 AM

Anonymous Dana said...

Could be worse... he could have gone for the whole Phil Spector look. Gigantic manfro anyone?

Besides, it worked out for Allen. He ended up baggin' himself an 18-year old.

Of course, he had to spend all those years brainwashing her, but I suppose it paid off in the end.

3:14 PM

Blogger roger said...

Nothing like a little old-man pedophilia to get the comments hummin'. All I know is that Woody Allen is a sick, sick dude.

7:24 PM


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