Tuesday, August 10, 2010

your baby doesn't love you, anymore

Oh, dang, it's Tuesday isn't it? F. I was sitting around thinking it was Wednesday and how I was going to have exciting Bolts playoff soccer tomorrow night. But, alas, the smell of blood is in the distance and I will have to wait another night for sweet, sweet, victory. And hey, look at that, do some dishes and viola'! it's Wednesday now. I guess, in a way, that makes me psychic, no?

So, everybody loves Dognutz, yes? Well, good. It is true that I got about 50 times the visitors on that website than I get here, toiling away in my blogger sweatshop. Man, those were good times indeed. Who cares if I was a dork (besides Bronwyn?)? Actually, I think a lot of chicks cared, a lot. Who's laughing now Hunchback??

Anyway,the title . . . yes, so the baby, doesn't love me anymore. He doesn't need me. Well, he doesn't now ALWAYS need my sandman powers of sleep persuasion. That is good. I wasn't keen on rocking a 14-year old to sleep in 2024, but it's sad nonetheless. In the plus ledger, he thinks I am f'ing hilarious. For serious. My material KILLS with that kid. It only makes me love him all the more. But, we'll see if it lasts past his 6-month birthday. If he's like a girlfriend/future wife, he won't find me funny after 6 months. That's the general rule for any bf/gf-type situation. Matter of fact, I think RS2 is the only person to find me funny over more than a 6-month period. And she shattered that record at like 30+ years. Things were waining there for awhile, but then RS4 came along and was comedic gold! 100,000 bonus points to the both of them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that should read "...RS4 came along and IS A comedic gold!"

4:38 PM


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