Monday, July 05, 2010

last night I had a dream and you were in it and Justin Beiber was in my dream

And he was giving me advice on home improvement projects. He was saying if you're going to remodel, you should plan everything out and buy all your stuff at once. He implied that you'd save money that way, but I think you're really only saving yourself multiple, increasingly annoying, trips to Home Depot.

It's strange that he made it into my dream. I couldn't hum a bar to a single Beiber ballad and right now, I'm too lazy to look up his name to make sure he's a beiber and not a bieber (or something else for that matter). Although, I have spent a lot of time trying to guess what kind of forehead tatt he might be hiding underneath his hair. Swastika seems kind of unlikely. You know how the kids don't pay attention to the history. Mickey Mouse? Is he a Disney kid? See, I don't even know. Maybe he's really like 87-years old and he's hiding his wrinkles. Who knows? No, for serious, who knows? I want his secrets revealed on my blog!

That is all. I promise to post more and this time maybe I'm not lying. But it's likely that I am. So there. Loves!

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