Friday, June 12, 2009

In which I may write my last post . . .

So, I am headed back to my alma mater for my 10-year college reunion. Wrap your mind around that one folks. Amazing thing 1 is that I graduated, given how mind-numbingly lazy I was. It took me a couple of years to figure out how if I just did a little bit of work I could do pretty well at school. As I got into more advanced courses, some of them required me to actually think. I had not prepared myself for this and my grades suffered. I was a stupid kid and really were I to go back I would have done much better. The funny thing is, looking back on it, was I didn't drink that much initially. As my drinking increased, my grades improved. Don't get me wrong, I never really applied myself, but I did put forth a reasonable effort. The funnier thing is that I taught myself to program when I was a kid and when I got into MIS (Management Information Systems), it was largely "review." I hadn't used the specific languages and whatnot, but I understood how to code. The funniest thing is that neither of those previous points were really funny, maybe curious.

It's funny, again, not ha-ha funny, but I can still remember the first day I was on the internet. A buddy of ours came back from the lab talking about the "world wide web." WTFs a WWW? We went and fired up the browsers that went to We eventually figured out that this wasn't the only site on the internet, but back then you did have the feeling that if there was anything worth knowing about on the web, you knew about it. Now there are probably hundreds of sites (in English) that I'd love which I'll never find out about.

They've pretty much rebuilt the entire campus since I was there. Maybe they named one of those computer labs after me or something. Then again they don't consider tution paid as a proper donation, despite my protests to the contrary.

At any rate, should you never hear from me again, I either re-enrolled, died or theMonica left me there sans internet access.

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