Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What will the neighbors think? Probably that I can swear really loud.

So the Cavs' season is over. IT'S OVERRRRRR!

Oh well, they had a good run. I am sad; you are sad; we are all sad - unless we are a fan of the Magic and/or Lakers. Such is the life when you're a fan of a professional sports team. Now the long summer of our discontent and the long summer of our waiting until next summer. Fiddlesticks.

At any rate, excuse my absence. I was preoccupied with the above, planning a surprise 30th for theMonica (well, planning her arrival - Monica's cousin did most of the heavy lifting) and planning a bachelor party/best man speech. Let me tell you - getting married is 1 to 5 million times less stressful than being best man. Sheesh. The pressure's on!

What this monetize tab up on my "dashboard" or whatnot? How many thousands do I get upon striking it? I won't go to the mouse for less than 3 large.

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