Sunday, June 07, 2009

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So I had this tab open to a new post window for this blog. Hmmm, that means that I had a sweet idea that was soon to be a post. Well, here you go a shiny new post.

Anyway, I had my best man speech. I was pleased - I guess. I don't really know. I know some people laughed, but it was a huge room so it sounded like one guy getting the clap. Or something. The key players liked it, so that's what matters. Actually, the key players TOLD me they liked it, so that's REALLY what matters here, at my blog. Am I write or am I right or am I Wright? I just totally did that half-accidentally.

In the final analysis, getting married was probably 1.8 trillion times less stressful than being the best man. Especially since I am not the take charge, let's plan some outings - kind of guy. Once the speech was over -- and I should say, I enjoyed giving it way more than anticipating it -- I had a TON of fun. So, let's do it again! But two different people (that's the idea) and I'm not best man. Ok. Go.

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