Thursday, December 07, 2006

my thanksgiving was vomitlicious, yours?

Friends, I am on a two-week lag. I've had proto-posts on a number of subjects floating around the ether (and sometimes my computer). Such is being busy at work, it makes the day go much faster, but no time to hash out my blog posts. I work; you suffer. I suffer too. Who benefits? Follow the money.

So, pretend this bit was posted a little more promptly:

Well, I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. Mine was cool except for the horrible, horrible illness I fell under. I like to call it, "unintentional bulimia." You see, I had imbibed a few too many of the adult beverages on Wednesday night – the repercussions of which I felt in spades, my friends, in spades. I am getting old, you know, but I still like I'm not so feeble so as to be knocked out of commission by the prior night's activities. My theory is that I was poisoned by some ill-willing arch-nemesis that I don’t even know about yet. It's was probably meant to be deadly, but I'm really tough, you know? As it was, I was so sick that I contemplated skipping ALL the Thanksgiving festivities. But, I sucked it up and went to my sister’s house for din-din. Upon arrival, around 3 p.m., I immediately had to cut off my aunt’s chat about VCR-setting problems and run to a bathroom to “talk to Ralph on the big white phone.”

This abrupt trip to a foreign bathroom was like the 800th time I had thrown up in the previous 12 hours. It was really a lot of fun. The thing about puking is that it really shocks the abs. If you do it right, you’re cutting calories AND working on a killer 6-pack. Actually, I wasn’t cutting any calories because it was no longer food, just the ginger ale or whatever I happened to be keeping down those past 10 minutes. To answer the question that’s on your mind, I’d say, not a lot. I had maybe 6 or 7 drinks. A couple were shots in celebration of my buddy’s birthday, but that was it. Like I said - poison! In the end, I was able to hold down a few bites of food, but I had to take my turkey leg to go.


Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

On the upside, at least you weren't shitting your pants at the same time. This post brought back memories of the food poisoning had a few weeks back. Yum.

10:14 PM

Blogger Nukie said...

Is this post about this years thanksgiving or last years ?

7:01 PM


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