Wednesday, November 29, 2006

more bands to hate on me for liking

I was going to write a long post about a show Alan and I went to and how it was really good and I enjoyed it and blahbitty, blah. And I had this joke about how my ears just now stopped ringing. It was going to be funny because I was going to write it the week after the show (November 10th). But then, I was lazy for a few weeks there my whole life and now, rather than being funny, if my ears were still ringing you'd probably get really concerned and set-up a Roggie Fund to get my hearing tested and possibly new cochlea tubes. I think I invented a medical procedure . . .

So this show had some bands playing, but it was further enhanced by a the wasted somersaulting teenager who attended. Happily foisting a mixed drink in his x-marked hand, he took short breaks from walking into people to do somersaults on the floor. Why? I do not know why. Perhaps a failed attempt at breakdance? Most people were riding the annoyed to amused spectrum on the kid. I was mostly amused but afraid he was going to puke on me. Eventually I assume he puked on someone, probably outside, as last I saw he was making the finger-on-the-mouth puke face and running out of the club. Here's to not losing it on the dance floor; the first step to being able to hold your liquor!

Anywho, the bands I so thoroughly enjoyed were Machine Go Boom and Bears. You, should you chose not to be a loser, will also enjoy them.

RS3 gave me a Machine Go Boom cd a couple (few?) years back and I've been rockin' it ever since. MGB fit into my quirk band paradigm, which I explained whilst discussing Pixies. Bears are more of a straight-ahead kind of band (plus glockenspiel!). They have a familiar sound which I can't quite put my finger on. The gentle harmonics of a Fruit Bats, plus Shin-like arrangements plus a 60's pop subtlety.

Boy am I glad I don't write about music because that was perhaps the dumbest thing I've ever written. It's music; it's good; check it out. The end.


Blogger Joe said...

Are you sure that he wasn't puking due to an inner ear problem created by the somersaults? Perhaps he was just drinking to ease the pain...

On a random note, I keep reading about the Pixies these days - particularly about how influential they were. To me, that merely cements your status as a trendsetter.

10:19 AM

Blogger Nukie said...

Wasn't Hall and Oats the last band you wrote about ?

9:15 PM


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