Friday, July 28, 2006

the long march

My beloved, my parking lot, has betrayed me. Long were the days (and walks) when I paid but a single dollar to park on her beautiful asphalt. Imagine my shock and dismay when I recently pulled in to see her elegant, svelte $1s turned into gaudy, hideous $2s. That's right. Dollar lot is now two-dollar lot. It doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Egads. My parking costs have doubled overnight. And this after I had converted a number of people to my dollar lot and the long trek in. We were like a club of intrepid explorers.

But a lot loses a lot of its charm when it doubles in price. There are many 2 dollar lots. So, I've moved. It's not the same. Sometimes I look out at dollar lot and think what might have been . . . if she hadn't gone high society on me.


Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Double the parking rates = Double posts?

4:42 PM

Blogger High Desert Diva said...

Hhhmmm...perhaps, it's all your fault Roger. Maybe she took a look around at you and all the friends you brought to her party. I think you turned her into a big headed high society gal.

6:48 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

That's sort of how us NYers felt when our $1.50 subway rides turned into $2.00 subway rides. Our $3/daily commute turned into a $4/daily commute.


Then they had the audacity to go on least the walk to work was free.

3:48 PM

Blogger roger said...

TL: Blogger sometimes likes to lie about "errors encountered while posting" so I post again and viola - double posting. I thought you were complimenting my increased productivity. Guess not.

HDD: I'm sure it's my fault in some way.

NYM: Your blog was extra-awesome when they were on strike. Oh, and, sorry about all the walking.

8:36 AM


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