Monday, May 31, 2010

i need a cup

So the baby has taken to heel-striking me in the nuts. I don't know the proper karate (that is: kuh-rah-tay) term for what he's doing. But he's now got some kicking power and apparently he doesn't want any brothers or sisters. And he's out to ensure he doesn't get what he doesn't want.

At any rate, things are well. I should be in bed though. I was reading a Crichton book, uh, Timeline, I think it's called. I mean, the title doesn't really matter so much, does it? It's not really a plot point. I read mostly non-fiction books, so it's nice to have a some light fair. Side note: this live Tim Buckley album amazon is previewing for me is double-plus annoying. Singer/songwriters, I don't know what it is with them, but I either love 'em or hate 'em. I hate much more often than love, but I don't feel like I can pinpoint what it is that makes me hate or love them. I think I'm hating Buckley because he has this lilting vibrato that irritates (I have no clue if lilting vibrato is a thing or makes any sense, but I don't care).

So, getting back to Knighttime or Timeline, it's a good read. I like the interweaving of high-tech futurism contrasted with olden times maidens faire tomfoolery. I would read more, but I fatigue and shall retire to bed.



Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

Didn't a baby do that in a Dairy Queen commercial? I didn't know they could do that for reals.

6:57 PM


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