Sunday, August 26, 2007

curse you painful heel!

My heel hurts. It's like a tendinitis of the heel. It's been smarting for a while now and I've had just about enough. I figure if I call out my heel in a public forum such as my blog and the ones of eyeballs which will read this my heel will be so shamed that it will have no choice but to stop hurting me. Especially in the morning when it's so tight and painful that I have to gimp around my apartment like . . . I don't know but it has to be very strange looking.

So heel, here we are. I didn't want it to come to it, but it has. Your move.

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Blogger Alan said...

Aren't you ashamed of yourself, heel?

9:40 AM

Blogger Joe said...

Like Quasimodo, perhaps? Or Igor?

I understand your heel has a press conference called for 2 pm today to announce that it's suing you and alan for slander.

11:37 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I think Roger should try to shame his heel in the tabloids. Plant stories of drug and alcohol problems.

12:53 AM


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