Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2-month hiatus

Wow. How have you survived without me? I know it must have been difficult. The night-terrors, the shakes, the sense of longing and loneliness. For all this you can blame, Cuddlebunnies 2: No more Mr. Nice Guy and Intro to Discrete Mathematics.

CB2 is still stowed safely away in theMomica's lady business, but preparations for said bunny continue at a frenzied pace. I had to update BR4* to make it a livable room for LL. He *loves* it because it's blue and blue is his favorite color. It is also the only answer he'll give if you ask him what color something is. What color is this orange? BLUE! Silly monkey. Although he has started saying yellow as well. He usually will ammend his answers to the correct ones, but there's a 95% chance everything's blue out of the gate.

And then there's homework. And actually it's been going really well, so I can't complain that the time invested has been wasted. But it has separated me from you and for that, I weep. Not like tears or anything, it's a mapley syrup. I have been eating too many sweets.

Thus, for the 50th consecutive post, I promise I will not post more. CB-to-the-2 is due on 12/30, so shit's about to get real yo. I will drop yet another notch down the power rankings and be forced to change more diapers. Oh the humanity.

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Blogger Ky said...

Cuddlebunnies the second will be on the other side of theMomica by Dec 30? You are about to be so busy! Best of luck with that, and with the homework, too. But you can do it. You're super-roger.

2:44 PM


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